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Birger Sturgis Loomer announces launch of Dark Matter Norway Publishing 2012!

Birger Sturgis Loomer was born and raised in Oslo, Norway. Birger founded Dark Matter Norway Publishing in 2012 to be an alternative to traditional publishing by offering titles digitally, for immediate distribution world wide, even before they are printed to paper. In his experience with physical and electronic distribution of products, Birger wanted to be at the tip of the spear of the new technologies offering books (and soon diverse media) to customers immediately through online channels. Birger comes from a long history of online business development including online gaming and is excited to be pushing forward into unknown territory of digital delivery of creative media.



Our Vision

Our vision extends much farther than printed words. We have started our journey by sharing our stories world- wide through online distribution, but we will be expanding our offerings with the release of our audio book in summer 2012, and are finalizing plans for the production of our graphic novel of Child of the Jotun late 2012.

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Dream of the North

Juliana Loomer art page

Child of the Jotun

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