Child of the Jotun teaser trailer: see the first trailer for the release of our new book, Child of the Jotun. Click image to watch our trailer.

"The final fate of all has not been born.
Not even the Norns will cast the spells.
Soon Ragnarok comes on warlike winds.
What will happen? Only The Vala can tell."


Author, Juliana Loomer. Meet our author and hear what she has to say about her first book and the journey that the story has taken her on.



Publisher, Birger Sturgis Loomer, of Dark Matter Norway. Meet our publisher and hear the mission of Dark Matter Norway Publishing. See Here!



See Juliana's Artwork Here. "Millions of people have seen my artwork, they just don't know it."







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Juliana Loomer art page

Child of the Jotun

Juliana Loomer art page

Dream of the North