New Books for 2012

Dream of the North, large format table book, art and story by Juliana Loomer

"In a valley in Norway called Dragedalen, a man of the same name paints at his canvas and waits for a woman promised to him by the gods." But when she arrives, he will be unprepared for what love will do to them both and what fates the gods have chosen for them." A visual journey in paintings, inspired by the book Child of the Jotun by Juliana Loomer. Available in large format hardcover paper book. Page samples below. ISBN:9788293221067. Buy Now!

juliana loomer dream of the north juliana loomer dream of the north

juliana loomer dream of the north juliana loomer dream of the north

Child of the Jotun, premier novel by Juliana Loomer

They say giants carved this land . . . In a cloistered Dominican convent in California, Sister Jennifer is informed by police that a terror from her past has been released from prison. Police assure her that she will be protected, but she knows the danger coming for her. Her prioress seeks a convent somewhere in the world to send the fearful nun for her safety. A convent in Norway answers the call.

In Norway, the Sister meets an eccentric man that sets off an internal conflict, but when the man, Torvør, begins to draw her emotions and ignite her independence, everything she has believed in is challenged. The ancient gods of the north have also observed her arrival, and their power pulls Jennifer from her safe life, closer to Torvør.

Can their friendship stop the tragic completion of an apocalyptic saga written by an Icelandic monk 1000 years ago? Or will the end come in a bargain to save her Sisters and friends from the wrath of the ancient gods?

Torvør knows the truth and has only a short time to convince the Sister that she is not a servant of God, but a god herself. ISBN:9788293221050. Buy Now!

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Art Book:

Summer 2012 we will be offering Dream of the North a book of artwork inspired by our first novel. Check back here for more information.