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Praise for Child of the Jotun

"I cannot describe the excitement I experienced, reading this book. At the end of each page, I kept wanting to know what came next. She delves into unbelievable depths of feminine dream-inspired creativity ... Now, Child of the Jotun is one of my favorites!" - Tanya Constantine

"My thoughts about this book are that it is probably the most intense book I have ever read. This book really captured me; I could not stop reading it. It is filled with such intensity and it takes you to some pretty dark and scary places, but it also takes you to wonderful magical worlds as well. I felt somewhat different after I read this book. I find that this book bring up important issues in regards to how we chose to live our life and how detached we have become from ourselves in this society, but most of all it is a story about love." - J. Rostad


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January 2015

Julie is working on book nr 2.
planned to be published 2015

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